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The University of Freiburg in the Excellence Strategy

The purpose of the Excellence Strategy of the German Federal and State Governments, the follow-up program to the Excellence Initiative, is to permanently strengthen Germany as a center for science and research and to enhance its international visibility and competitiveness. The federal and state governments have agreed to provide an annual amount of 533 million euros in funding for the program as a whole. In the first funding line, “Clusters of Excellence,” two Freiburg proposals were selected for funding: CIBSS – Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies and livMatS – Living, Adaptive, and Energy-autonomous Materials Systems took up their work on 1 January 2019.

Yet the University of Freiburg’s proposal in the “Universities of Excellence” funding line was not approved for funding. “We are very disappointed about this decision, particularly in view of the fact that our performance data tell a different story,” says Rector Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer. “We’re on the right track with our institutional strategy on the theme ‘Connecting Creative Minds – Trinational, European, Global,’ which more than 1.000 people from all of the university’s status groups contributed to developing with great dedication,” emphasizes Schiewer. “We will continue to put our collective effort into establishing a new university culture marked by courage and creative impulses beyond classical hierarchies. We are determined to persist in our endeavor to develop an internationally recognized and attractive European university, thus further improving our prospects for success with new, strong proposals in future competitions for funding at the national and European levels.”

The University of Freiburg’s performance profile