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Great research or great teaching – are both possible?

Podium discussion


Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 from 2pm – 4pm

Place: Rectorate building, senate hall

Does the promotion of cutting-edge research lead to the neglect of teaching at universities? Does the Excellence Strategy even exclude the development of good teaching by focusing on excellent research?

Or can certain contents and competences only be learned at a research-strong university? Is the development of a scientific mindset in the sense of developing a critical awareness the highest educational goal? But how does the mediation between top research and university teaching succeed?

Teaching and research benefit from each other in many ways. Sometimes, however, the impression arises that in university practice excellent research is more important than innovative teaching. Enthusiastic, activating teaching is indispensable for training future researchers. Are the conflicts between research and teaching inevitable, or is a productive synthesis conceivable?

In short: Must good teaching and good research compete with each other or is both possible? Together with you, we would like to clarify these questions and exchange ideas about the competencies that only a research university can impart.

After a keynote lecture and short statements from different perspectives, we were invited to discuss these and other questions with the panelists.

Keynote speech: Bettina Jorzik, director of the program area “Teaching and Young Academics” at the Stifterverband

Podium discussion with Bettina Jorzik, (Stifterverband), Prof. Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger, (Vice-President for Academic Affairs), Dr. Vitus Oberhauser, (instructor at the Faculty of Biology and the recipient of the University Teaching Award), Phillip Stöcks, (board member for the student government) and Nils Lang, (student at University College Freiburg)

Moderator: Dr. Arndt Michael

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